Arthritis, Autoimmune, Allergy Treatment Specialist.

We are specialists in caring for those that suffer from allergies, arthritis and autoimmune disease.

Important Update on Referral Requests and Appointment Scheduling:

Dear Future Patients,

We hope this message finds you well. We would like to inform you about our current situation regarding referral requests to our office.

High Volume of Referrals:

Our office is currently experiencing a high volume of referral requests. As a result, the wait time for new appointments is approximately 3 months. We are doing our best to process each referral efficiently and appreciate your patience during this time.

Essential Referral Information:

To help us expedite the referral process, please ensure that your Primary Care Provider (PCP) sends all necessary information such as lab results, X-rays, MRI reports, most recent office visit notes, and hospital discharge notes with your referral. Alternatively, you may bring these documents to your visit. If your condition is urgent, ask your PCP to either make a note of this on the referral form or call our office so we can prioritize appropriately.

Once we review the referral forms, we may need to request more information from your referring doctors and verify the insurance information. After everything is finalized, our office will call you to schedule an appointment. If you have not heard from our office within 3 months, please call to inquire about the status.

Advocate for Your Health:

Be proactive in advocating for your own health. Make sure your PCP clearly states the reasons why you need this referral. Ensure you understand the reasons behind the referral and that you have all the necessary information on the referral forms for your specialty doctor visit to avoid the delay of diagnosis and treatment.

Appointment Commitment:

Due to the long wait time and the many patients in need of care, we kindly ask that you keep your appointment once it is scheduled. If you do not call or show up for your appointment (“no call, no show”), we will not be able to reschedule you until those who are waiting to be seen have been attended to. Additionally, there is a no-show fee of $50 for new patients who do not call or show up for their appointment. This fee will be charged when rescheduling.

We appreciate your understanding and cooperation as we work diligently to provide the best possible care for everyone. Thank you for your patience and trust in our practice.

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Yong H. Tsai, MD, MHS
Founder & Main Provider

Our Mission

Our Vision

To set the industry standard of providing patient-centered and integrated care for all those suffering from Arthritis, Autoimmune Disorders and Allergy.

Our Mission

To treat the whole patient by focusing on health and well-being, integrated and holistic care, and evidence-based decision-making for diagnosis and treatment.

We empower patients through education, coaching, and guidance to reach maximum practice efficiency and disease self-management.

We ensure the values of patient-centered healing and condition management built on the foundation of compassionate care, understanding, respect, and empathy.

Over 29 Years of Medical Excellence​ in Volusia and Flagler Counties.

Arthritis, Autoimmune & Allergy, LLC, has been providing medical care to Daytona Beach, Port Orange, Ormond Beach, Volusia, and Flagler counties since 1993. Led by Yong H. Tsai, MD, MHS, our practice specializes in caring for those that suffer from arthritis, autoimmune, and allergies.

Certified Advanced Registered Nurse Practitioner

Aimee Chen-Wiener APRN, MSN, is a Certified Advanced Registered Nurse Practitioner. She started her nursing career as a critical care nurse in New Jersey back in 1995.

Aimee has been practicing as a provider specializing in Allergy and Rheumatology since 2003. She is the primary provider at the satellite office in Palm Coast.

Aimee Chen-Wiener APRN, MSN
Certified Advanced Registered Nurse Practitioner

What Makes Us Different?

Patient Education is Key to Effective Care

In order to provide the most effective care for the patient, we encourage patients to be educated about their condition.

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Our Premium Products Are Backed By Science

Our physician formulators have spent decades helping improve their patient’s journey. By bringing science and nature together, the Oasis line of products provides an integrative approach to complement their medical care. By analyzing the science, we’ve been able to create therapeutically-dosed products for the ultimate patient benefit.

Looking for an allergy or arthritis specialist?