Treatments for Immune Deficiency Offer Relief

Tom, a 30 year-old man, has had four episodes of pneumonia over the past four years.  He also has had chronic sinusitis since age 10, which was treated with multiple courses of antibiotics. After testing, his serum IgG, IgA and IgM result are in below normal range. The major components of our immune system are […]

Immune Deficiency Leads to Infections

Tom, 30, has had four episodes of pneumonia over the last four years. He also has had chronic sinusitis since age 10, routinely treated with multiple antibiotics.   John, a 26-year-old male intravenous drug abuser, has developed an unusual fungal infection in his lung. What is the common denominator that relates each patient’s condition? Each […]

Non-Allergic and Allergic Asthma

Asthma, a common chronic childhood disease, affects 17 million people in the United States .  And unfortunately the incidence of asthma is dramatically on the rise, particularly in highly developed parts of the word. From the Greek word for panting or breathlessness, asthma is characterized as inflammation of the airway passages.  When inflammation occurs, the airway lining passage swells […]

Asthma in Childhood

Asthma is one of the most common chronic inflammatory airway diseases of childhood. Approximately 75 to 80 percent of children with asthma develop symptoms prior to age 5. Childhood asthma is a disorder with genetic predisposition and a strong allergic component. Allergic disorders often occur within families, including closely linked conditions such as allergic rhinitis […]

Controlling Asthma with Medication

Asthma, known as chronic inflammation of the lining of the airway, can be triggered by allergens such as trees, grasses, weeds, dust mites, and animal dander (allergic asthma) or irritants ( non-allergic asthma). The first step in treating allergic asthma is to avoid the aggravating allergens and then with immunotherapy (allergy injections), if necessary.  Whether you have […]