Trigger Finger Lock Up

Have you ever had your finger or thumb “lock up”? Are your hands often in a tight gripping position during work or play, like driving a truck, sewing, dealing cards? If so, you may have a trigger finger or thumb. The most commonly injured body tissue is the tendon, a tough, fibrous, ropelike material that […]

Shoulder ‘Freeze’ can be Treated

For the past seven years, Jack, as we’ll call him, has been making wine in his own home. Almost daily, he carried a barrel weighing approximately 40 pounds, up and down steps several times. This never bothered him until six months ago, when he experienced pain in his right shoulder and arm. He began to […]

Arthritis Can Be Mistaken for Tendonitis

What can politicians, massage therapists, musicians, card dealers, carpenters, cooks and painters have in common? Because they use their thumbs and twist their wrists a lot, they commonly have pain at the base of the thumb or on the side of the wrist caused by tendinitis. Tendons, which are tough, fibrous, rope-like tissues that link […]

Arthritis, Tendonitis or Bursitis? That is the Question

Have you been told that you have arthritis because you experience knee pain and swelling? Is your pain on the side of your knee rather than within your knee joint? If so, you may actually have pes anserine bursitis or medial or lateral collateral tendonitis. The knee joint, which links the thigh and shinbone is […]

Carpal Tunnel Syndrome

REPETITIVE MOTION – BAD FOR YOUR WRISTS! Do you perform certain motions over and over at work or at play? Do you experience numbness in your palms or fingers? Are you pregnant or taking birth control pills or hormone replacements? Do you have diabetes, hypothyroidism or rheumatoid arthritis? You could be at risk of developing […]

Elbow Pain from the Wrist

For several years, Mr. K and Mr. T. played tennis together almost every Saturday. Their friends, Mr. V. And Mr. H, who preferred golf, scheduled regular tee times. These weekly activities kept them feeling young and fit, until about the time they turned 45 and all developed elbow pain. Tiger Woods and Andre Agassi never […]

Is It Really Arthritis?

Almost everyone over the age of 50 has experienced some musculoskeletal pain. Unfortunately, “arthritis” has been a common label used to diagnose this symptom. The fact is that not all musculoskeletal pain is the result of arthritis. Tendinitis, bursitis and myofascial pain can produce the same discomfort. TENDINITIS Tendons are made up of tough, fibrous, […]

No Quick Fix For Painful Muscle Knots

Paul, Barbara and Sandra all suffer from muscle pain. Paul, a landscaper, spends most of his day digging; Barbara, a data entry clerk, works at a computer; and Sandra, a mother of three, recently lost her job. Muscles, 40 percent of our body weight, are like car engines: gas them up with oxygen, lubricate with […]

Plantar Fasciitis

PLANTAR FASCIITIS: OH, MY ACHING FEET! Ever shopped ‘til you dropped? Or jogged farther than you’re used to? Did you wake up the next morning and feel like you wanted to bounce right back into bed because your feet were so sore? If so, you may have experienced an acute episode of plantar fasciitis like […]

Pseudo-Sciatica and Trigger Points

Rebekka, a 48-year-old sales associate, stands on her feet all day at work. After driving to Minnesota for Thanksgiving, she developed severe pain in her right buttock, radiating down the back of her thigh, into her calf and ankle. Lying on her right side is painful and prolonged sitting makes is difficult for her to […]