Staff Spotlights

Tori Moore

  • Clinical staff 
  • I have worked here for 18 months I believe  
  • I am responsible for helping patients with making their visit to see Dr.Tsai the best experience possible  
  • I love my coworkers and how I am able to bring my baby girl if I need to. 
  • I am working on becoming a registered nurse 
  • Multitasking and time management are the best tip for anyone I know. I am able to work on my school work while simultaneously taking care of a very active one-year old. It is all about prioritizing your time for what is important.  
  • I was a nationally ranked surfer in high school and have surfed all around the world.  
  • My anatomy text book  
  • Spending time on the water with my daughter and friends.  
  • I hope to return to Hawaii after I finish school  
  • I don’t have time for TV. Ha! 
  • Sushi! 
  • I can not live without caffeine  
  • No, I love working in the healthcare field. I enjoy helping my patients and feeling a sense of pride with my job (: 


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